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Surfing Life #301 Oct '13


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We dedicate Surfing Life 301 to the glorious winter sun.

In Australia winter is the only time us surfers can really enjoy the feel of the sun’s rays on our, albeit slipped, slopped and slapped, skin so we felt it worthy to dedicate an issue to it.

We check out Sydney’s Northern Beaches, New York City’s surf scene, the swell of the decade that almost was, somewhere well off the beaten track in Java and a part of New Zealand that we don’t usually surf, bro.

We also brunch with Mitch Crews, objectify Codie Klein and talk about the preservation of sharks with this month’s cover star, prosthetic surfer Mike Coots.

All of this whilst basking in the marvelous apricity of winter’s inoffensive glow.

Surfing Life 301, it’s sweet as!

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