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It’s a celebration!

The triple century, ol’ 30 x 10, 28 years in the biz. Did you know that if you laid all 300 issues of Surfing Life out end to end they’d be the length of THREE blue whales? Well now you do, just under 90 metres. 90 metres of surfing, of laughs, of travel, of interviews and product guides and tall tales and of the best darn photos in surfing. And we think that is something worth celebrating.

We open with the best photographic moments of the last 300 issues.

We consulted magazines, unlocked vaults and blew the dust off some old classics, just so you could relive some memories with us, or check out some moments in surfing’s recent history for the first time with us. Then we asked all the ex-editors of the magazine to pen us a tale, which they did with hilarious results.

But enough with the past already!

We interview Stephanie Gilmore at great length, travel to Bali to revive the "Tubequest", and make some bold predictions for the future based on everything that’s happened in the past. Then we sit down and chat with Shane Dorian because, well, because he’s Shane Dorian.

To finish it up we revived some old favourites

For one issue only, like What’s Hot/What’s Not, aka Hit/Shit and the State Round Up. Plus, we got some scienticians to infuse a regular surfboard with LED lights, and then asked the world champion, Joel Parkinson, to ride it at night for us! And he said yes! And then it landed on the cover!
Issue 300, we loved making it, you’ll love reading it, and we all loved living through it… Three blue whales, who woulda thought…?

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