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Champions And Chariots

As the last touches were being placed on this issue Joel Parkinson finally secured his long awaited world title. Pages were held up in anticipation of Parko’s victory, and when Kelly lost his semi to Josh Kerr a collective sigh of relief was breathed. The cover everyone wanted to see would finally be on the stands. Mr. Smooth occupies the opening pages of SL 293 while the rest of the mag is dedicated to our most important tool – the surfboard.

Following festivities at Billabong’s Hawaiian megaplex Nick Carroll pulled Parko aside for a candid chat about what the world title means to him, how he got there and what would’ve happened had he not made it in the end.

After 11 world titles in 20 years and an extraordinary ability to reinvent his surfing, Kelly Slater has proved he’s also the one to look to for new shapes. SL cornered The King and got the skinny on everything he’s ridden from the ’90s to now.

With a quiver including a 5-foot single fin, boards made out from cork and everything twin, quad and thruster in-between Nick Carroll absconded to the Telo Islands with Ryan Callinan and Heath Joske. Their mission? To put the crafts through their paces and report back. Turn to page 56 for SL’s most comprehensive board test to date.

SL’s inbox was overloaded with images from the Hawaiian winter and we’ve dug up the back stories to the Hawaiian fiberglass found under the feet of Jordy Smith, Wade Goodall, John John Florence and Gabriel Medina. No where in world requires a quiver as diverse as Oahu.

Elsewhere in the mag Mick Fanning rides a Michael Peterson inspired single fin and we talk to the new world champ’s shaper, Jason “JS” Stevenson.

Finally, head along to www.surfinglife.com.au/boardtestmovie to watch 20-20, our latest movie offering starring the 20 boards in the Telos, and Ryan Callinan and Heath Joske.

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