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Surfing Life #292 Jan'13


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SL 292 – The Youth
The Hot 100 edition issue is a tribute to youth and young manhood. Australia’s top junior charges, Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan and co have grown up faster than most, but these are still their salad days. Over 10 days in Bali SL came together with the nation’s freshest talent to construct the bulk of this mag. Come inside to meet the future.

John John Florence, aka Mr. Natural, is the heir apparent. At eight years old he rode Pipeline for the first time, and has continued to flourish and amaze. World Tour wins and incredible video parts have lead to a soaring profile that not even a broken back could quell. All the while John’s demeanor is so mellow you have to wonder if he’s even trying?

Surfing is staring into the face of a cultural change and Australia’s youth are in the drivers seat. Surfing Life health expert Jed Smith set off on a journey around our nation, driven by the task of diagnosing our prospects. What does the next decade hold for the kids of Australia?
Over the pond in California Lakey Peterson is honing her air game in prep for the 2013 World Tour. Surfing Life got the lady on the line to find out where women’s surfing is at, and more importantly where it’s going to go.

Joel Ford may not be as well as known other juniors, but he’s got more on his mind than just professional surfing. When his brother Sam was attacked and left with a brain injury everything changed for the Ford family. Forging a career in surfing isn’t easy, but the Ford’s tale shows there’s much more to life.

Elsewhere read about the devastation inflicted on America’s East Coast by Hurricane Sandy, find out what Owen and Ozzie Wright have in common beyond a surname, and meet Hawaii’s next king of crossover – Hawaiian whizz kid Kalani David.

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