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The Greatest Of All Time And The Best Of The Future

ASL 280 provides a snapshot of junior surfing – it’s the definitive list of the nation’s top surfers under 20. What makes them better than the rest and what are they going to have to do to halt the rise of other nations?

In this issue we wanted to find out what makes Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan, Davey Cathels and their contemporaries tick. We did so by accompanying them to the beaches of France in Autumn to make a movie, French Kiss. It was a last minute getaway where we got to know the future. The stories in print and the waves on film will have surfers everywhere longing for a European getaway.

As surfing moves forward in leaps and bounds the times are getting tougher for the Aussie contingent. The American Coffin brothers and Brazil’s big hope Gabriel Medina are surfers capable of halting Australian success. What are they all about? ASL did some digging.

In other news Kelly Slater just won his 11th world title and is showing no signs of slowing down. How did the King reach this unprecedented feat, and what can the competition do to stop him next time?

But surfing ain’t all contests and rating points, so up the back we document Jimbo Pellegrine and Mark Mathews – two guys who know what it means to go big (albeit for very different reasons). There’s also worldwide globe tripping, how-to guides and all the regular mayhem that makes ASL fun.

Hope you all enjoy your meal as much as we enjoyed whipping it up. Bon appétit!


French Kiss Trailer from Surfing Life

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