Cyclone Debbie’s Journey

Cyclone Debbie made landfall right on top of Bowen after running a train through outer islands like Daydream, Hayman and Hamilton. She then wound herself down the coast where she hammered Brsibane to Lismore with some of the worst flooding on record.

The damage bill is expected to topple the one-billion dollar mark, making her one of the most expensive storms in the world. Ever!

Cyclone Debbie on the Queensland coastline
The sheer volume of coastline left in ruins from Cyclone Debbie.

There’s not too many tribes on this planet who revel and enjoy themselves in the eye of such destruction. But, surfers are that one collection who do …

With reports of 28 busted sewerage stations which have leaked outfall into the ocean from Gold Coast to Ballina. Thousands of tonnes of debris from fallen trees, to cars to dead cows floating through lineups up and down the coast.

Marine activity off the charts as every marine-living thing congregates outside creek and river mouths after being washed out of their homes. Brown, smelly and cold water everywhere.

None of that mattered to those scored some of the best waves of the year …

It wasn’t just Surfside who got in on the action, either. Landlocked, 100-kms from the ocean; Morningside, Brisbane dished out some leg burners and whip ins.

And then perhaps the most outrageous footage of the lot.

A safe harbour from winds and seas in the height of the Cyclone hitting. Normally it’s a white sand and crystal blue water harbour used as an anchorage for boats on the doorstep of some the best barrier reef diving in the world.

In the height of the storm though, a couple of diehard surfers paddled out into some wind-burger bombs and scored.

It’s interesting how the media love to write-off the guys and girls who chase storms and then ride her energy, as “reckless”. These are rare events and give opportunities to ride rare energy. It’s no more reckless than it is, curious.

We’re sure no one out riding these storms wants other lives put in danger to rescue us should everything go tits up. It’s a risk we take, for the ride of a lifetime.

The mainstream media are curious to us though. They’re the same media who are on the streets putting themselves in danger and harms way, as they chase the “winning” shot. And in contrast, of course they expect to be saved should their day not go to planned.

It’s funny how the irony is never lost of the very (self) important journalists covering storms.

Still … in light of everything happening. Leaving the last word to Gary the Local from Bowen, was pure genius. Gary wasn’t going to let no stinking storm or pesky media leech ruin his card game.

Good on you Gary!

The Other Side of Debbie


A pretty cool and not often seen view of a major cyclone. As the International Space Station (ISS) orbited near Cyclone Debbie as she intensified in the Coral Sea.


North Queensland – The Eye

Ground Zero, North Queensland. Where her first impact reached the Queensland coastline. People in the eye, described the noise from the winds as the most terrifying aspect of the storm.

One particular quote from a Hamilton Island resident took Surfing Life’s interest, “Like jumbo jets taking off –and lasting for over two-hours. While you listened to everything you have worked for in your life being destroyed.”

As the Cyclone made its way inland and down the coast. Torrential flooding devastated communities through Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

Lismore, NSW

Cyclone Debbie even delivered the very first ever captured Sharknado. This bull shark was washed up onto a residential street in Ayr, North Queensland.

Run for your lives!
Sharknado!! /Fairfax


by Braithy