Billy Bain

Billy Bain racked up his quarter century on earth earlier this year, and ever since he can remember he’s, “been making a mess.”

His mum is his creative rock where he draws inspiration from and Billy’s first actual memory of making art – not mess – came from his fascination with cartoons. And, you can see that influence is alive and well with our latest Posca Finart submission.

Billy spent most of his time at school being held back at lunchtimes scrubbing down his desk, which were his early canvasses for his art. Later he would move onto proper canvasses, and draw inspiration from all kinds of places.

Billy is currently studying a bachelor of Fine Arts ( Honours) at the University Of New South Wales Art & Design in Paddington. Besides his study, he also exhibits his art and does freelance commissioned work.

“I take a pretty cynical account of Australian society in most of my works and it’s the sort of ironic and often comical nature of our everyday lives that inspires me most.”

Billy’s submission reflects his classical comic style blended with some great childhood memories of decorating his boards.

“I wanted to focus on doing something more illustrative and comic style. Most of my work has been focussed on printmaking and etchings the past couple of years so it was fun to go back to basics and get stuck in with the Posca pens. When I was a kid I’d always love drawing on my boards so it was something fresh and fun to revisit for me.”

Tell us about John John and the devil’s horns!

“Haha. I actually drew this while watching the Margaret River Pro as John John put on an absolute clinic and made the rest of the tour look stupid. I wanted to portray him as the devil, ruling over the rest of his competitors as they suffered an eternity of damnation and embarrassment at his hands. What he was doing during that event was so next level.”

Has art taught you anything which helps your surfing?

“Just to relax and not put pressure on myself to always be creating a masterpiece. If you go into something with no expectations of how it should be then the process is always going to be more enjoyable and exciting. In my eyes this is how the most pure and exciting ways of expression come about whether it be through surfing, art or any other creative output.”

You can follow Billy on insta here: @billybain