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Equipment matters! It floats between you and the elements; elements that sometime want to gently twist your arm, or hold you down under water for a little longer than you feel comfortable. Equipment matters because in the summer months a little more volume can go a long way across a flat section, and in winter not having the right board is all that stands between what could be the surf of your life and some pretty shithouse excuses for not getting into it. Equipment matters, because knowing and trusting what you are riding gives you the confidence to take your surfing to levels you never even knew you were capable of, to top and bottom turn combinations you had only previously dreamed of, and maybe into that elusive and mythical aqua tunnel. That’s why equipment matters.

Just ask Mick Fanning. If it wasn’t for having his equipment dialled he wouldn’t have calmly taken the buzzer beaters that got him his third world title at the Banzai Pipeline, and he wouldn’t have the confidence required to get him through such a consistently high performing year. We asked Mick Fanning, we sat down with him a couple of days after his win and we asked him about everything. Gee, he’s such a nice bloke.

We also asked four-time world champion, Mark Richards, which designs throughout history matter to him. He told us, and he told us in a darn astute manner. Equipment has always mattered to MR, and so when he talks about it we listen. We also listen to Ace Buchan, a guy who knows the importance of what goes under his feet, so we asked him how we should build a quiver. And he told us, because he’s good like that.

The guts of this magazine, however, is the board test. Nick Carroll took Soli Bailey and Nathan Hedge to Indonesia with a pile of boards, and they tested them in pumping waves. Then they all told us which ones were right for us, and packaged it all into a nice little feature. While they were doing that, team SL loaded up the Rav4 and drove down the coast with a pile of fun boards, to get to the bottom of what we should ride when the summer swells roll in inevitably lacklustre. The answer, well, there’s not really an answer, but we reckon we narrowed the playing field.

Between the board test, the fun board test, Ace Buchan’s quiver building advice, MR’s treatises on historical and timeless designs, and Mick Fanning’s inspirational win we reckon you’ll put down this magazine knowing more about equipment and surfing than you ever have before. Equipment matters, so make sure you peruse all angles of Surfing Life 305 and leave nothing up to chance when it comes to getting the most out of your surfing. Yew.

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