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From his backyard at 15 to building an award-winning global company and a No 1 bestselling surfboard brand.

This book is about creating something – no matter your passion, age or industry. Behind every innovative product there is a creator, a vision and a story.

New Wave Vision centres around Hayden Cox’s story – a young person in business who started his brand Haydenshapes at age 15, challenged an industry and, through passion, grit and enterprise, created a global bestselling surfboard brand known for innovative design and collaborations with the world’s best.

This book is experience driven and shares the realities, the lessons, the highs and the lows. It is not an overnight success story nor is it a how-to. It’s a candid first-hand take on nearly two decades of building from ground up, innovation, surviving through challenges and backing yourself – with insights and real experiences shared by some of the most influential names in the business world, from the co-founder of Google Maps to skater Tony Hawk, the founder Oakley, Aesop, and others.

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