The SUPERBRAND – TAZER in action


5’6” x 19 3/4” x 2 3/4” 27.2 L

Shaped By Sparrow

The concept for the Tazer was born from an older board in our range called, The Unit. The Unit was an epic board, but it still had to be surfed differently to your standard short board. With the Tazer, I set out to build the ultimate high-performance groveller that would excel in waves from one to three feet. It’s a step down board that aims to surf like your favourite shortboard. It’s quite short and curvy with plenty of foam under your chest for easy take-offs. The single into a double with a slight vee, gives you speed to burn and lots of drive. I use this concave in a lot of my boards and for good reason – it works! The nice little pulled-in-swallow, allows you to make tight turns in the pocket and feels mental on those crisp, little beach break days or when you are trying to make an average day more fun.

Tested By Korbin HUTCHINGS

Wow, what a crazy little machine this was. It’s another board that you might not use on the QS grind, but boy oh boy, it goes. It’s a really lively stick. You could get it into the air so easily, but it also turned really well and it hooked in the pocket. We surfed the Tazer out on a reef which had wall-y sections, some fatter sections, and it ate up those fat sections. We’re not talking waist-high slop, take-offs were overhead, so it handled a little bit of size easily. The Tazer is a great board to have in your quiver for those summer sessions... that’s for sure.

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