The Ryan – Quan in action

Ryan – Quan

5’9” x 18 9/10” x 2 1/4” 27.4 L

Shaped By Nick Ryan

This board is an adaptation of our standard glass quad that is one of our most popular models. It starts with a profiled EPS Core with double stringers, which is then glassed for structural integrity and limited flex so it’s not pushing water. Most softboards are moulded foam without glass construction. The Quad has a light single concave under the chest that leads to a vee in a swallowtail design. The vee helps rail-to-rail transition. This combined with the extra width between the fins results in less drag and way more speed. It has a low rocker for easier paddling and wave entrance, and its medium rail tapers to low at the rear giving control and bite. The Quad is great for grovelly waves in summer.

Tested By Louie Hynd and Kirra-Belle Olsson

This went pretty fun. It’s quite strong; if you’re gonna get this, you can put it through its paces. You can throw it around. You can throw it on the sand, throw it on the concrete, and it will hold its own. It’s a fast high-performance softboard for sure.

This is a great addition to the softboard market. The quad-fin set-up allowed you to gain a lot of speed. The double stringer allows it to perform amazingly for a softie and would be an unreal addition for those summertime beachies.

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