The Ryan – AIPA in action

Ryan – AIPA

5’5” x 19 1/4 x 2 7/16 26.7 L

Shaped By Akila Aipa

The AIPA X RYAN Modern Fish is the culmination of a lot of good things coming together.
Akila teamed up with Gold Coast-based Ryan Softboards to develop a high-performance softboard. Its low entry rocker and elimination of surface area in the tail equates to added performance. Based on Akila’s daily favourite board—designed for small to medium conditions—the Modern Fish offers pivot and more turning radius. The construction process uses an EPS foam core with a stringer that’s been glassed. It’s a traditional fish outline with a more narrow hip and a sleeker tail, and has a low entry and exit rocker. There’s a subtle single blending into double concave, then bleeding to vee off the tail.
The evolution of the Modern Fish’s tail is the elimination of surface area.

Tested By Soli Bailey and Sophie McCulloch

So we rode this on one of the first days. The waves were pretty ordinary, but it had heaps of spring, heaps of pop in it, like out of the lip. I got three or four waves on it and instantly was flying along the wave. [And even pulled a nice frontside air on it.]

It was pretty cool to see Soli doing an air over my head, and then I realized he was on this foamy. I’m like, Okay, you can do that on foamy. I found the tail really interesting; it’s kind of fun to experiment. It was really fun to try and work it out and see how it changes the release off the top or drive off the rail. What I’ve noticed about this board, compared to a lot of other softies, is it’s got a really low-rail profile, which makes it a high-performance softie and that’s cool.

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