The MtWoodgee – Seal Tech in action

MtWoodgee – Seal Tech

5’9” x 18 7/8” x 2 3/8”

Shaped By Sam Weir

Mt Woodgee Surfboards is a hub of craftsmen from all backgrounds, which allows radical new concepts and innovative ideas to be developed. The board we designed for the board test was made from a material we worked on closely with Grant Newby. This core product enabled us to have a completely waterproof core that also had the highest density available in the surf industry with a very similar flex and buoyancy feel on rail to a PU-constructed board. The board was hand shaped with these aspects incorporated to allow instant acceleration with the flatter rocker—reduced nose entry and going back to the ’80s with a flat deck to allow flotation under the chest due to freshwater having a 1.6 pound density differentiation to saltwater. The outline used when we hand shaped it was taken off a 1994 template with the extra width compared to what was traditional in those days. Hand shaping this board allowed us to showcase Mt Woodgee and what our ethics are all about, that is, where each board is made for the individual and not mass-produced—pumped out templates—from a machine.

Tested By Louie Hynd and Kirra-Belle Olsson

What I really like about this board is they’ve gone a renewable approach with recycled caravan insulation and used that for the foam. This is the first time testing a technology like this, and it felt really strong—really responsive—and great off the top. It worked on Occy’s Peak, left and right, which is about three to four foot and then went unreal at the slab, a really good all-round board.

It’s quite an easy board to generate speed on and has a fair bit of volume around the chest area, which makes it really easy to paddle and easy to control. Rails are really nice and it has quite a deep double concave through the fin section, which would account for the speed generation. I’d recommend using this board in two- to six-foot punchy beach breaks, points ... anything really.

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