The Mt Woodgee – House of Byrne in action

Mt Woodgee – House of Byrne

5’10” x 20 3/4” x 2 9/16” 29 L

Shaped By Ian Byrne

These boards we call “The House of Byrne” made with passion and plenty of hours in the bay, hand shaping. Designed with a single concave under the chest leading into a rolled vee through the shaped curve channels, allow maximum speed generation and pivot due to the reduced rail width through the tail, creating a fluent curve around the fin area. This created a fast, speed generating board with versatility in a modern twin but also created control on carving arcs at high speed due to the channel design. Also, they incorporated a flatter nose entry rocker and wider template to allow greater foam distribution under the chest plate, adding to the ease of catching waves and fluent feel away from the pocket. They decided to adjust the outline to become a fuller twin-fin curve with a lower pinched modern rail.
Established in our factory on Saturdays with Ian and his son Jacob Byrne over a few cold beers, is how it all started. Re-touching on a design Ian used during his competitive years as a young surfer in New Zealand. Winding it back to the origins of the curve channel, Ian looked up to the likes of craftsmen Bob Davies who taught Ian’s brother AB and Rodney Dalhberg to shape, and in the later years Wayne Lowen, Tony Waterhouse and Greg Seal. During this time in the ‘70s at Bob’s factory, Ian’s Father, Des Byrne was the main glasser and experienced firsthand Bob’s experimentation with new shapes and creating the concept of curving the channels out to the rail line. Fast forward to 2018, Ian and his son Jacob started to come up with new concepts and designs to hand shape together as father and Son projects and during this period Ian re-lit the spark on the curve channel. The boys refined each board they shaped together and signed off on the final curves and outlines after many boards made and surfed in all conditions on the coast to truly refine the boards.

Tested By Matt "Wilko" Wilkinson

I’ve never ridden a curve channel twinnie or a curve channel anything before. It was really impressive to see how well it held. I surfed it in waves that you wouldn’t normally take a twinnie out in. It was a little bigger and I expected it to be super sketchy off the bottom, but I was powering through bottom turns and drawing some really nice lines. This is probably the best good wave twinnie I’ve ever ridden. Usually you take your twinnie out in little waves to make it fun, but you could ride this thing in any pumping point break and you’d be drawing really nice lines and having an awesome session. I was really impressed with the drive with this board and the spray’s pretty fricken awesome too.

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