The Hot Buttered – Gutted Fish in action

Hot Buttered – Gutted Fish

5’7” x 20 3/4” x 2 9/16” 29 L

Shaped By Boyd Purdy

For the Sled Review I’ve done one of my “Gutted Fish” models. This has proved to be a fun, easy to surf twin fin model, best surfed with keel style fins. The board is designed with a flat rocker for ease of paddling (plenty of volume under the chest) and being wide throughout, has plenty of planing area to get you going in small weak surf. A common problem, particularly for light surfers, is getting wide tail boards onto a rail. I’ve overcome this by having a vee bottom on the board. To give the board plenty of drive and to assist in gaining extra speed, I’ve shaped a vee channel through the bottom. This gives the board, bite, hold, drive, extra speed and being a vee again assists in rail to rail transition. Coupled with keel fins, this is a very stable easy to surf board that can be used in anything from grovel size waves to well overhead.

Tested By Matt "Wilko" Wilkinson

The HB has a super traditional wide tail with some not quite traditional channels that run all the way up the front. It’s definitely a summer board. You’re not going to be doing big airs on it, but if you wanna trim down the line at the Pass or one of those point breaks it’s a lot of fun and it goes really fast. It has a little spot that you find in the wave that I think the channels and the straight edges get you going and you get a little turbo boost. Yeah, it’s a good fun board.

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