The Gen 4 – Double Dare in action

Gen 4 – Double Dare

5’3” x 19 1/2” x 2 5/16” 26.5 L

Shaped By Jye Gudenswager

Keeping the old-school, traditional smooth outline of a twinnie while adding some new school flair, we have created a board that screams fun. Adding a slightly fuller rocker than the usual twin, combining that with a v-tail pushing up to flat under the chest and secretly moving our fin position backwards a few inches for control, our Double Dare is able to generate maximum speed while maintaining control through fast manoeuvres. We have decided to add our Hyperflex EPS construction for the board test with the idea of it being in a freshwater pool, because we want to maintain buoyancy whilst keeping maximum strength. Paired best with Futures’ Fibreglass EN twin set or Shapers’ Asher Pacey twin set.

Tested By Louie Hynd and Kirra-Belle Olsson

This felt really good. It was a great canvas to try out a twinnie. This board felt really fast: take a highline in, get a lot of speed and with the fins set really far back it has still got that performance feel so you can really give it some. It doesn’t have that slidey-skatey feel that twins normally do. It has a lot of reaction off the top. I could just keep surfing boards like this over and over … super fun and that’s what it was designed for.

This is a really fun twin-fin and it’s quite easy to get the hang of. Even though it was only 5’4”, you didn’t notice how short it was. In fact, that was what made it so damn good. It’s a type of board you can also cruise on and have some fun but could also get really critical with. I would recommend using this in anything under four foot in any sort of wave you want to ride.

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