The DMS – SUPERCELL in action


5’8” x 18 5/8” x 2 ¼” 24.85L


The Carbon Wrap technology was designed by Daniel McDonald about six years ago and combines the strength and flex of carbon fibre with epoxy resin and a fused EPS core. By running the carbon from the nose towards the tail and running out towards the rail, it utilises the twisting torsional motion of a turn when you switch your weight from rail to rail. For example: when you bottom turn, it utilises the torsional flex as you make your way out of the turn to give you a bit more momentum. The carbon also wraps onto the tail, allowing it to flex more in the tail of the board. We are kind of using three different areas of pressure to harness as much energy as we can, and give it back to the surfer and give it a lot more life.

Tested By Taj Burrow

I’ve had some Carbon Wrap boards before and, to me, it feels like the flex pattern seems to work best on shorter, whippier turns and snaps – this board was no different.

For one- to three-foot waves, beach breaks especially, this board is absolutely perfect!

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