The Clearwater – The Weapon in action

Clearwater – The Weapon

6’0" x 18 3/4” x 2 3/8” 28.3 L

Shaped By Steve Del Rosso

The Weapon is an all-round high-performance shortboard. Its entry rocker is pulled back past the centre to allow more freedom under the front foot for easier vertical surfing. The outline is designed to help with this, as does having a slightly wider tail area and a touch less area in the nose. The slight area in the tail also helps with the smaller-wave surfing. It has lower rails so you can bury them into the waves easier. It has full single concave to help with speed and drive. The combination of rail and concave loves it being pushed hard through the turns. This board suits a lot of conditions but just loves waves that allow you to push it. The entry rocker helps it fit into those tight spots with ease.

Tested By Soli Bailey and Sophie McCulloch

It doesn’t surprise me that the shaper originated from West Oz—solid, windy, powerful waves. I surfed this on the solid six-foot left. I unloaded on the first wave with four big turns. And every time, I just pushed harder and harder, until the fifth turn I pushed so hard I fell, because I rotated too much—my fault, not the board’s. It had so much drive and explosion in it. To get on a board and do that on the first wave—and not to fall on the first or second turn when you’re pushing that hard—really does mean it’s got heaps of drive, power, and stability. It definitely is a strong, heavy-wave board.

It’s quite ironic that the shaper originates from WA—pretty gnarly waves. The first time I jumped on mine was when we decided to surf the slab. I was pretty excited with the opportunity to surf a wave like that. Even though I wasn’t super comfortable within myself, every wave I took off on, it held off the bottom. I didn’t feel like I was going to go over the falls, because it had enough volume to get into the wave. I also rode it on the chunky left, and it responded really well. Then I took it out on the wedgy reef, and it went well in that, so it’s a great all-round board.

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