The Clearwater – Burst in action

Clearwater – Burst

5’10” x 18 7/8” x 2 5/16” 27.53 L

Shaped By Steve Del Rosso

The Burst model is a lively, quick-turning performance shortboard. The entry rocker is pulled back past the centre to create a smaller board rocker that helps with an easier top-to-bottom vertical surfing. It has a slight hip in the tail outline to break water flow on the rail that allows the board to do quick, tighter pivotal snaps. A lot of energy has gone into this board design to give the surfer a burst.

Tested By Louie Hynd and Kirra-Belle Olsson

I’ve got a few buddies that ride these and they are good surfers, so I knew it was going to go good. It’s got a pulled-in tail, which helps you turn off the back foot pretty easily with a good pivot and good release. It had a good response so it wasn’t slow or laggy. This could easily handle a bit more power from the ocean. Yeah, the pulled-in tail helps keep it in the water so you’ve got that drive, and then you can still get a little fruity off the top.

This board has a slightly pulled-in tail and it’s really nice on rail. I found it generates speed easily and maintains it throughout the turns. I found this board went really well on both your forehand and backhand, and it loved critical sections in the wave. You could easily jam it right in the pocket and it came out with more speed. I’d recommend using this board in any wave from two to six foot.

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