The Clearwater – Modern Twin in action

Clearwater – Modern Twin

5’6” x 19 7/8” x 2 3/8” 29 L

Shaped By Steve Del Rosso

This board was designed to be retro with a performance feel. Single to double concave with a touch of vee behind the fins to keep the speed, drive, and rail to rail transition smooth. Beak nose with a flatter rocker for easy paddling and entry to the waves. Outline has been pulled in a bit to allow for more performance. The nose is in a touch to help with suckier waves and the tail is also pulled in, so it can have a bit more hold with an easier pivot point to do tighter turns.

Tested By Matt "Wilko" Wilkinson

I really enjoyed this board. It has all the traditional things you look for in a twin-fin. It has the little bevelled rolled down nose, which is cool, and the tail still stays out wide. The fins are perfectly set to give you that squirty feel that you look for in a twinnie, but it’s also got enough drive to do some high-performance surfing. I guess you can ride it as the old school twinnie that you have fun on, but if you get a good section you want to rip in, it still has that drive so you can do some nice turns on it. Definitely a lot of fun.

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