Erin McNaught and Toby Martin will go head to head on saturday.

If you’re in Sydney this Saturday and bored shitless by the forecast near-flat surf, you could do WAY worse than find your way to Maroubra Beach, where at 10:15 am, you’ll get to watch a Celebrity Drop-in. Bullshit! you cry, celebrities don’t drop in on each other! Well there’s only one way to find out. At Maroubra, musician Xavier Rudd, “Biggest Loser” star Shannan Ponton, former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught, model/TV presenter Renee Bargh, “Bondi Rescue”’s Hoppo, and a secret special guest star whom the associated press release calls “a high profile Sydney WAG” (whose name can scarcely rhyme with “mingle”) are gonna surf in a heat – judged by some of the nation’s finest junior talent. It’s all in PR aid of a new surfing TV series focused on top Aussie juniors, entitled “The Next Wave, fuelled by Fantastic Noodles*”. This is Celebrity Super-Cheese at its finest.

“Are you kidding? Have you SEEN Erin McNaught? Whatever I do, I’m sure the judges won’t be looking at me.” Toby Martin, the show’s host told Nick Carroll, when asked if he’d steal the surfing spotlight.

* “Fantastic Noodles” is a food brand, not an excessively fulsome description of Narrabeen ex pro surfer Nathan Webster. Stay tuned for more info!