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Friday, 16 December 2016

Sick of drawing waves in permanent marker on your neighbour’s garage door? Tired of mind surfing sloppy beachies while the summer devil winds wreak havoc with your lineup? Us too! Let’s inch closer to the real thing when we can’t have the real thing with Youriding’s, The Journey.

Video game surfing all started with Transworld’s Surf and then Kelly Slater built on that with his Pro Surfer game on Playstation 2. Now Youriding are taking it one step further again with their free mobile app.

Available for FREE on all tablets and phones, you never need be without waves again. With America and Europe already unlocked… Western Australia and the East coast have just become available. Which makes now the perfect time to download this little revelation!

Australia WorldMap


With Local Australian surfers such as Wade Carmichael, Ry Craike, Jacob Wilcox, and WSL’s Matt Wilko to surf against and a whole plethora of boards to ride the options are limitless.


The objective is to journey around the world surfing all kinds of line ups, laying rail here and getting barrelled there while riding new boards and equipment all the time.

Can’t make it to the Pipe Masters? No problem. While your boss isn’t looking, whip out your phone and go spear some stand up tubes.


WestAus 06


"Imagine a game where the goal is to learn everything about the sport and where the player gets to experience actual waves, riders, equipment, and becomes part of a true community"

– Mike Jegat, CEO of YouRiding


Get the game here:


And see the slick press release here:


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