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The Brazilian Barrel BBQ: Alejo Muniz

What it’s like to feel the qualifying crunch after four years on Tour.

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The 2015 Board Bible

Surf your way through a gorgeous quiver with Matt Meola, Andy Mooney, Twiggy Baker and Nick Carroll.

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Passion and Pulp at the Pipeline

The wind has eased, the swell is back and here are your top 34.

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Objectify Me, Imogen Caldwell

We’re calling Your Bluff.

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How to Survive Being Held Under At Nazare

Three monsters later, Andrew Cotton gives away his secrets.

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The Non-Stop Thrills of Pitstop Hill

In the middle of paradise, the Hot 100 finds its best waves yet.

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Kelly Slater’s Pipeline Quiver

As told by Channel Islands…

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Hear the top surfers talk about what it means to win at J-Bay

Hippo Heads South

Thursday, 14 July 2011
Ryan Hipwood and friends tear into some south swell goodness, a few hours below Sydney.Holy pumping pits Batman!
Adam Robertson riding Bamboo fins at Winki Pop. True Ames offers A variety of surf fins for FCS, and Futures compatible. He's testing out these Bamboo fins for the first time and he's stoked. Adam's powerful style and carving turns showcase the fins ability to "hold in" to the wave and maintain solid drive.
Billabong Webisode 5: It's not just all about riding long right-hand barrels at J-Bay...

Bigger And Better

Thursday, 14 July 2011
After yesterday's enormous waves and epic conditions, every man and his 400mm was out in the water at Fiji again today. And it lived up to expectations - just as big and gnarly as yesterday. Stuart Gibson sent through some gems...

Island Hopping

Wednesday, 13 July 2011
Straight after shooting some of the largest waves ever paddled into down in icy Tasmania, photographer Stuart Gibson swapped the 4/3 for boardshorts and the tropical waters of Fiji. And didn't he time it well, landing just in time to catch Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons and a bunch of other big wave chargers destroy some of the biggest waves these Pacific...

Central Coast Slab

Wednesday, 13 July 2011
Click here to download this wallpaper.
"It's a place where I just feel so comfortable." Billabong Webisode 4: Can Jordy Smith keep the J-Bay trophy in South Africa for a second year?

Coast To Coast

Tuesday, 12 July 2011
The surf has been firing so ASL's chief photog, Andrew Shield, missioned to the South Coast to shoot some slabs. Shieldsy was back in the office by Monday, just as Nick Pollet filed his video and Tim Jones' photos from the Central Coast came through...

J-Bay Gets Ready To Rumble

Tuesday, 12 July 2011
Who will win J-Bay this year? Can Jordy keep the title in South Africa, if there's big barrels like we saw in Ballito, can Parko or Mick dominate? Check the videos...

Tassie Terrors

Monday, 11 July 2011
A series of photos from Tasmanian snapper, Stuart Gibson, landed in our inbox today. There have been big waves at Bells and along the south-east coast of the mainland, but take a look at the icy monsters those hardy islander souls had to face over the weekend

Weekend Wash-up

Monday, 11 July 2011
If you were busy getting out there enjoying the ocean and you missed all the action on the web over the weekend, here's a quick catch up... 

Winning At J-Bay

Saturday, 09 July 2011
Billabong Webisode 2: What does it mean to a World Tour surfer to actually win at J-Bay?

Parko At J-Bay

Saturday, 09 July 2011
Billabong Webisode 3: What does J-Bay mean to Joel Parkinson? "I love J-Bay. I've won there a couple of times and I have a kind of jittery feeling when I think about it".
Check out the highlights from 2011 Occy's Grom Comp final day. Big congrats to the new champs Eli Steele (Caloundra) and Stephanie Single (Lennox). Full results here:​ent/8/occys-grom-comp

All Eyes On J-Bay

Friday, 08 July 2011
Billabong Webisode 1: After a mid-season break, the World Tour is back....and all eyes again are focussed on Jeffreys Bay.


Friday, 08 July 2011
Earlier this week, Surfing Life's Shieldsy jumped on Mick's Red Bull sled and headed across the Seaway with Dingo and a couple of groms. Enjoy the goodness...

A Dusty Week in Winter

Thursday, 07 July 2011
A Week in the desert with Brett Burcher, Elliot Marshall, Bart Smith and Nathan Bartlett.Cameo roles by Josiah Schmucker and Sam Boord.Artist - Black LipsSong - Cold Hands


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