Premium Violence – Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds hasn't lost a step. He's still surfing fast, hard and critical despite being a dad, CEO and part time shaper. Maybe there's hope for us all?

Home – Meet Bob

Throughout his entire life he's always put the ocean first, which has lead to him being homeless and living in a van.

The Church Of The Open Sky

Nathan's new alternative clip released to coincide with The Church Of the Open Sky being released on Vimeo On Demand.

10 days in Africa with Jordy Smith

Jordy Smith's 10 days in between JBay and Tahiti, went a little something like this ...

Surfing Life #337 WAVES Issue

Our Promise: In this Issue of WAVES we will show you how to find waves, surf them and survive them. Plus a whole lotta eye candy!

Ryan Callinan – The Stretch

Ryan Callinan cuts loose to some chill beats in his backyard of Newcastle.

Mark Matthews – Facing Fear Podcast

Mark explains in simple terms how valuable it is to face our fears, push ourselves through them, and practice that over and over again.

By a Thread – Russell Bierke

After his near drowning at a Vicco outer reef earlier this year, Russ is back doing the kinds of things we expect Russ to do. 

Beyond The Trees – Oli Adams

Filmed in the coldest part of winter in the UK. The ocean is at its rawest, and its emptiest. Which is just how Oli Adams and his crew like it.

Nick Vasicek in Indo

Flagging the QS scene in exchange for a tile business and free surfing; we'd match “Vassa” up against anyone—rights or lefts!

The Wood Sniffer

Is wood the way forward for a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to our current PU and epoxy boards?

The Search: Freight Train

No matter where in the world you’re coming from, the time and effort it takes to get to this wave pushes you to your limits.

I knew Jack O’Neill

A short documentary and tribute to Jack O'Neill, the inventor of the wetsuit and oceanic pioneer.

The Surfing Life of … The Malherbes

A life story about early surf exploration in the Mentawais and juggling home and domestic life in suburbia while the inner wild child tugs at your heart.


Arpad Leclere, 16. Born in Belgium and raised in Bali. Surfs as cool as Gerry Lopez did we say he's only 16?!

Mateus Herdy’s Solo Session in the Wavegarden Cove

16 yr old Brazilian surf prodigy Mateus Herdy was invited to drop past the R&D demo centre in Spain to trial the Wavegarden Cove. 

Pineapples and Mie Gorengs

Some cool tunes and white-hot lines. A smooth little edit for your Sunday!

Surfing – Enzyme Productions

No names, no locations, just surfing as surfing should be!

The Surfing Life of … Kirra-Belle Olsson

Kirra-Belle Olsson is an amazing young woman! The niece of Matt Wilkinson, who just might be more fearless and driven than her uncle!
Icaro Ronchi

Early Season Indo with Icaro Ronchi

The best surfer you've never heard about – Icaro Ronchi, slices up early season Indo!

Surfing Life Issue 336 – TECHNIQUE

Promise: This Magazine Will Make You Surf Better! The divine secrets of the pros unlocked inside here, all for your reading and riding pleasure.

The Surfing Life of … Brittani Nicholl

Meet the Australian captain of the 2017, ISA Surfing team Brittani Nicholl. What she goes through just to get into the water will blow your mind.

RUST Starring Harry Bryant

Harry Bryant doing Harry Bryant things!

The Occ-Cast: Mikey Wright.

Mikey Wright – the man behind the mullet, is a bloke of very few words ... Until Occy gets him spilling his guts over all kinds of things!