Beachgoers Save Beached Great White On Cape Cod

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

This past Monday in Catham, Massachusetts, beachgoers discovered a seven-foot juvenile Great White beached on the shore. Now, this isn't the first time we've reported on good samaritans keeping beached sea creatures alive, but it's the first time that sea life has been a Great White.

Apparently, the shark was trying to catch seagulls when it ended up stranded on the sand – but rather than freak out, people kept the shark alive by dumping water on it until authorities showed up to drag it back into the water. It's reported that the shark appeared to be dead when it was found, but as soon as it was splashed with water, showed signs of life.

Pretty refreshing to see people helping, rather than hunting, the Great White. Researchers also tagged the shark before releasing it, which means that not only did those people save that shark's life, but they helped scientists (and therefore the world) get one step closer to understanding the Great White, and keeping us safe in the water. But you can read all about that, over here...



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