Bad Poetry With Mikey Wright

Monday, 29 July 2013

Here you see the youngest of the Wright family, Mikey, following in the footsteps of his siblings. Filmed between his early home of the South Coast New South Wales and his current home of Lennox Heads it's easy to see where this young bloke is heading. 



  • Shark Bites Quiksilver Grom Twice During A Session At New Smyrna Beach

    Third time wasn't the charm, thankfully.

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  • Mikey Wright's Got A New Board Sponsor

    Hot property right here.

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  • Mikey Wright Is Going To Compete In His First Ever CT

    Snapper Rocks, bebe.

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  • Mikey Wright's Smoking Snapper Tunnel

    The Flying Mullet strikes.

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  • Quik's Official Word On The Eddie

    "Unfortunately, the Bay is not going to call the day today."

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