Glowing Green

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Matt Banting makes the winter look like such a fun time. Between huge double grabs and those air reverses to the flats, it makes you wish you'd seen him in the recent competitons in Mexico. Don't worry though, we'll be sure to see him around the US Open in real soon. 


  • 10 Waves and 12 Questions with Matt Banting

    Banting talks waves, injury, the tour and that heat in Tahiti.

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  • Midnight Sun With Matt Banting

    One of the better clips you'll watch this week.

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  • (Un)Luck Of The Draw: Injury Wildcard

    Will our Aussie rookie, Matt Banting, be relegated to the QS next year?

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  • For What It's Worth: Matt Banting

    We miss ya, kid!

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  • High Flying, Straight Into Business Class

    The consolation prize for a 25th… with Matt Banting.

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