Timmy Reyes Does Hawaii

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Timmy Reyes jumps on a plane from his Californian home and heads to the North Shore, Hawaii. 


  • Jordy Smith wins Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach

    South African wins his maiden Sunset title

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  • Albee Layer lands the first ever backside 540!

    What's next?

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  • Blog: Bede, Pipe and a big swell on the way.

    Bede looks pipe in the eye for the first time.  

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  • Did Kai Lenny just upstage the entire Pe'ahi Challenge?

    Kai making 20-foot Pe'ahi look like a grovel session at the local.

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  • Will Eddie Still Go?

    Mayor of Honolulu fights to save prestigious big wave event for 2017.

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