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Rip Curl Cup
1/7/13 – 15/8/13


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Welcome to Surfing Life’s coverage of the 10th Rip Curl Cup Invitational, Indonesia’s longest running surf contest, held at the iconic Balinese Pipeline, Padang Padang.

Featuring a field of 32 surfers, an even mixture of top international surfers alongside Indonesia’s best, this year’s waiting period has been extended to six weeks, to ensure the most epic conditions – “one day, one swell”.

The Surfing Life team will be bringing you regular action throughout the entire waiting period right here at Surfing Life Premium, your dedicated event site for Surfing Life’s exclusive content.

Contest highlights, free surf action, in the water, out of the water, news, interviews, photos, videos and more. All you have to do is scroll down to find the latest updates from the Surfing Life team, on the ground in Bali.

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Mega Wins




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    After being beaten last year on the buzzer by American Chris Ward in the final seconds of last year’s Rip Curl Cup, Bali’s Mega Semadhi finally reaped the rewards of a Rip Curl Cup victory, locking into a late afternoon Padang Padang barrel with one minute and 40 seconds remaining to leapfrog from third place into the lead and win the 10th annual Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang Invitational.
    Not only did 2013 mark 10 years of the Rip Curl Cup, it was also Mega’s 10th year of competing in the prestigious competition. Surfing Padang Padang all his life, winning today was a dream come true for the Pecatu (Bukit Peninsula) local. Last year Mega fell second second when California’s Chris Ward caught a wave in the final seconds. History almost repeated in this year’s final when Jacob Willcox caught what would have been a 10 but fell on the final section.
    Semahdi is currently studying to be a Hindu priest, and perhaps part of his studies is about patience as today it certainly paid off for the young guy.  Just a couple of weeks ago he was runner up in another ASC competition at Balangan Beach, and was bested by fellow Balinese goofyfooter Raditya Rondi, who held the lead in the final today until the final minutes. Congrats Mega!
    Runner Up Jacob Willcox



    Jacob Willcox: Young, Free, And All Steeze

    Jacob, you came second! Not bad for my first time to Bali, huh! How about Mega Winning? He deserved it. He’s been competing since the competition began and with all his friends and family on the cliff watching, I couldn’t be happier for him. Where’d you find that relaxed stance? My local break is a harder wave to surf than Padang Padang. The Money? I’m a millionaire! I’ll probably just save it. Maybe put it towards another trip somewhere. Party? Tidak party. I have to fly out early in the morning.  
    Where did the nickname Chippo come from? Ah… (Jacob’s dad Mick comes in) Ha! When he was younger he couldn’t say Jacob and he just called himself Chippo. Thoughts on the locals? All the Bali boys are wild. It was wicked to be out there on the stage with them. Keeping your cool in front of the world’s best? You can’t get too overwhelmed by it. Everyone in the event is only human so you just  take your heats as they come. Anyone here can ride a barrel, it’s just whoever gets the best wave. 
    Where to now? I’m heading home to West Oz and will just be hanging at home doing school and surfing when I can.

    The Rip Curl Cup? It’s been a great experience. The competition was awesome, I had so much fun. I was really happy to make the final and I’m still just really happy for Mega!


    Only Human



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    Expression Session



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    Opening Ceremony


    The 16 local Balinese surfers competing in the trials were greeted with a solid new swell pouring into the Padang reef on Sunday (30/6).  By day’s end it was Suargita and Rudiarta who finished on top of the podium earning themselves wildcards into the main event.
    As part of the official event opening ceremony Suargita and Rudiarta were crowned on the giant awards podium on Padang Beach. Another major part of the opening ceremony is the heat draw that is hand picked by the surfers.
    The opening ceremony was capped off with the traditional Balinese kecak dance performance, to ask the Balinese gods for permission to hold the contest at this sacred spot and for a massive Padang swell to arrive during the waiting period.
    Six Waves With Kevin



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      Mark Healey

      32, HAWAII

      Mark Healey has no fear. Whether it’s spearfishing amongst sharks or towing some of the biggest waves in the world, Healey will always go. Padang Padang is a walk in the park for this Hawaiian.

      Chris Ward

      33, USA

      The crazy Californian who just so happened to have won the Rip Curl Cup last year over local Mega Semadhi. The win was made even more memorable thanks to Chris’ proposal to partner Michele on the winners podium.

      Dylan Longbottom

      39, AUSTRALIA

      A committed family man, who leads by example, his South Coast experience is obvious, showcased in an approach honed on point breaks and reefs, forever committed and capable in the most critical of situations and sections.

      Laurie Towner

      27, Australia

      Laurie Towner is one of Australia’s most well known surfers outside the World Tour, from Code Red at Tahiti to huge Apocalypse in Indonesia, Laurie has the tube riding ability to take it to the best in the world. A calm, laid back demeanour hides his true barrel hungry nature.

      Ricardo Christie

      24, New Zealand

      Ricardo has been working harder than ever to keep his dream of being on tour alive. Without a major financial sponsor, he has had to work hard and save money, paired with his existing sponsors limited funding, it has enabled him just enough to get to a few events, which lights the fire even more.

      Christian Fletcher

      42, USA

      An air-prince from one of surfing’s royal families. Christian is an anti-hero, most well known for starting the aerial revolution. What else is he known for? Well, lets just say he isn’t afraid of gigantic, spinning pits and he calls Bali home for much of the year. Watch out.

      Ry Craike

      28, Australia

      Craikey grew up on the isolated and featureless edge of Western Australia desert that just so happens to be home to some of the best, long, barrelling lefts in the world. An experienced, barrel hungry goofy with one of the world’s best finners – Padang is going to feel just like home.

      Jack Robinson

      16, Australia

      A hatchling from Margaret River, Western Australia, Jack Robinson was born into waves of consequence. Padang Padang will be on Jack’s backside but we all know that won’t be much of a problem.

       Fact: Jack recently came off the back of a leg injury but by all reports is back at 110%

      Anthony Walsh

      30, AUSTRALIA

      Anthony Walsh travels the world in search of barrels. With experience at every heaving left you’ve heard of, and many you’ve not, Anthony has spent a whole lot of time put in at Padang Padang. Anthony will be dangerous.

      Sean Peggs

      ??, New Zealand

      Sean is the Rip Curl Raglan Pro Wildcard Winner. We don’t know much about Sean. But we’re sure he is ready to change that in the heaving lefts of Padang Padang. Watch this space.

      Kevin Bourez

      19, Tahiti

      Kevin Bourez is Michel Bourez’s brother. Kevin Bourez is from Tahiti. If those two facts don’t create a left-handed tube rider to be contended with, we don’t know what will. Could Kevin be the youngest ever to win the Rip Curl Cup. We’d put some French Pacific Francs on it.

      Kekoa Bakalso

      28, Hawaii

      Kekoa fell off the tour at the end of 2010 but by all reports the Hawaiian has been charging more out at Off The Wall and Backdoor than most. Kekoa also doubles as a coach with the Rip Curl grommets. The dark horse of invitees, maybe?

      Jacob Wilcox

      16, Australia

      The current ISA World Junior Champ, this young goofty footer already has a bunch of scalps to his name, including surfing in the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach. On his forehand and out of a wetsuit, expect this groom to better his Bells performance by far.

      Luke Hynd

      17, Australia

      2013 is Luke Hynd’s first year of being invited to the Rip Curl Cup. Living on the Gold Coast has forced a stylish backhand for this goofy footer but it’s on his frontside where the true relaxed and casual stance shows.

      Random fact: Loves his school.

      Ian Cosenza


      Ian Cosenza makes the most of the Rip Curl Cup waiting period by travelling to near by islands such as Lombok and Sumbawa. Last year Ian drove 12 hours to make it back for a swell at Padang and within 24 hours drove 12 hours straight back.

      5 Things With Christian Fletcher



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