Wednesday Wallpaper: Belated Birthday Bede

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Photo: Andrew Shield

This past weekend Bede Durbidge not only turned 30, he turned this poor wave to pulp. In honour of that, we figured we’d turn pulp into wallpaper. Enjoy this on your desktop now by clicking here and downloading it.

Bede Durbidge drops his wallet.

For a stack more wallpapers, click here.


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  • Snapper Kinda Pumps

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  • Bede Durbidge: On The Road To Recovery

    "Under the water I was freaking out that I was going to be a paraplegic."

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  • Bede Durbidge Fractures His Pelvis At Pipeline

    Is currently in hospital and will undergo surgery.

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  • Bede Durbidge And Dimity Stoyle Represent Their Boardriders.

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  • Swipe Bede Right!

    WSL journeyman becomes Tinder “catfish” bait

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  • This Morning At South Straddie Was Pumping

    Empty, overhead and crystal clear.

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