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Friday, 03 May 2013

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Photos: Andrew Chisholm

By now you've heard all about this session at Shipstern Bluff, you've seen the cover of the latest Surfing Life and even possibly the footage but what you haven't heard about is this one wave. We thought we'd ask cover boy Laurie Towner to drop past the SL office and talk us through the beast of a wave from start to finish. 

 For more on what's inside Surfing Life 297, click here.



  • Shipsterns in beast mode with Russell Bierke and friends

    Just when you thought you had seen it all at this place...

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  • Watch some good times in Tassie with the Zion team

    Featuring Harry Bryant and Garrett Parkes.

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  • Terror in Tasmania with Mick Corbett and Jarryd Foster

    Shippies comes to life.

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  • Bong Up In Smoke At J-Bay

    But seriously, there was a big fire.

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  • Watch Two And A Half Minutes Of Pure Froth

    For all you frothers out there.

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  • Tip'o'the cap, Gov'ner

    Tassie's rare, big-wave spot comes to life, and then some!

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  • Winter Action in Tasmania

    Cold water waves have never looked so appealing.

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  • Super Scary Shipsterns Bluff

    This is the stuff of nightmares.

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  • Flashback Friday: Grom Abuse In Yamba For The Hot 100

    Take a step into the Surfing Life time machine.

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