The Hurley Pro: Day Two

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Round Two resumed today after a short fog delay in the small waves of Lower Trestles. Up first in heat five was Adrian Buchan and Pat Gudauskas who's in with an injury wildcard. Ace lost prority between a heat restart and both surfers spent the heat catching waves under eachother's priority. In the end it was Pat who took the win thanks to a combination of local knowledge, local support and mostly his top to bottom backside.


Both Kai Otton and Kieren Perrow looked a little bit wonky in Round Two but it was Kai who did the damage where it was needed. Photo: Peter Dive

Up next was Kai Otton and Kieren Perrow. Kai got off to an early start by taking a leaf out of Pat Gudauskas' book and using the not-so-fat lefts to open with a 7.00. Kieren took off on a buzzer beater but was a turn or two short of making the score he needed. Kai took the win with a 12.67 to Kieren's 11.97. Kai mentioned in his post heat interview that his mood has been playing a large part in his results, "I'm just crazy in the head at the moment, I was grumpy yesterday and I lost but today I won and I'm happy."


And the crowd goes crazy... Photo: Peter Dive

John John Florence came into round seven as the favourite to win, he was also the clear crowd favourite when the beach lit up after one of his smallest air reverses this year. Alejo Muniz went against Barton Lynch's ability gauge by putting together more than a couple solid combinations and spent a good part of the heat in the lead. Whereas John John looked relaxed for most of the heat, possibly too relaxed. With 10 minutes remaining John took it up a notch and began his defense attack on the rights, starting with a tail high frontside air revserse followed by a second backup wave.

alejo handicap

It was around this point in the day it became clear that on the smaller waves the backside maneuvers were being scored higher than those on the frontside. John John realised his mistakes, as did Barton Lynch, and the crowd were silenced. It was partially refreshing to watch the post heat interview with John John in the locker rooms, John was clearly disappointed but polite and humble, "Alejo is a really good surfer, he won the US Open and I'm stoked for him. Pat (O'Connell) I know you're stressing but the waves are fun and it's sunny." and on preparation for France, "I don't know if I want to just sit here and watch the rest of the event or go home." either way we'll look forward to see what he brings to the table.


Jeremy Flores on one of today's longer lefts. Photo: Peter Dive

Jeremy Flores opened round eight with a 6.50 and looked to have control of the slow heat. With five minutes remaining the ocean went flat until the final minute. Yadin was given one more roll of the dice but fell short of the 6.33 needed. With Glen Hall looking to be out for the next event Yades will have another chance in France to make the sort of result we're all wanting him to get.

Fred Patacchia took to the righthanders with his searing backhand combinations, besting fellow goofy footer Miguel Pupo with the day’s high heat total of 17.43 to secure a Round Three berth.

While several surfers couldn't find a rhythm in today’s inconsistent conditions, Sebastian Zietz didn't miss a beat in his heat, taking the win over Raoni Monteiro.

andino k3602hurleypro13rowland

At 19 years of age Kolohe Andino has probably put more time in at Trestles than most of the Top 34. Photo: ASP/Rowland

To finish the day off Kolohe Andino, current ASP WCT No. 22 and local standout, showed that if there was going to a solid result from the local lad that it'd be right here. Kolohe looked in perfect form in the afternoon conditions, blending full-rail hacks with progressive aerials to emphatically advance into Round 3 of competition.


Competition is set to resume tomorrow and up first in Round Three is Jordy Smith vs Brett Simpson.

Watch the heats on demand and check back tomorrow to watch the Hurley Pro live, here:



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