Breaka Burleigh Pro: Owen Wins

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Owen Wright put on a masterly display of backhand surfing today to defeat fellow Australian Adam Melling in the final of the four star Breaka Burleigh Pro, on the Gold Coast.

Midway through the final Wright, who finished 11th on the WCT in 2012, locked in a 9.17, which he then backed up with a 6.10 to secure the win. The final scoreline saw Wright on 15.27 to Melling’s 13.97.

The win is timely for Wright who will be competing in the ASP World Championship Tour first event at Snapper Rocks in less than three weeks time.

“It feels great, I’ve put so much effort into training for the year ahead and I’m feeling fit and injury free and I’ve got the right boards – this is just part of what I want to do this year,” said Wright.

“It’s my first win since New York in 2011 and it’s important to get that winning feeling – I’m fully aware that this is a 4-Star event and the World Championship Tour is another serious step-up but I feel right to really have a crack at it this year."

Owen Wright with his 9.93 mute.Owen Wright locked in a 9.93 with this mute to get through his quarter finals heat. Photo: Andrew Shield.

Wright’s win also completed a unique double for South Coast NSW surfers, following Sally Fitzgibbons' victory yesterday in the Breaka Burleigh Pro women’s division.

Despite the loss, Melling, who finished 29th on the WCT in 2012, was still pleased with his result in the Breaka Burleigh Pro and is confident in the year ahead.

“I’m pretty bummed on second place, the goofyfooter got me, but it’s been a fun day, there were some great heats early today and I’m still pretty happy with that result –  I’m looking forward to Snapper,” said Melling.

Finishing the event in equal third place were New Zealand’s Ricardo Christie and Brazil’s Alejo Muniz. Despite his blistering form throughout the early rounds of the event, Christie was unable to replicate the same high scores he’d found earlier in the event, while surfing against Adam Melling in the first semifinal.

Breaka Burleigh Pro Men’s Final
Final: Owen Wright (Aus) 15.27, Adam Melling (Aus) 13.97

Breaka Burleigh Pro Men’s Semifinals 
Semi 1: Adam Melling (Aus) 18.43, Ricardo Christie (NZ) 12.40
Semi 2: Owen Wright (Aus) 15.33, Alejo Muniz (Bra) 14.50

Breaka Burleigh Pro Men’s Quarterfinals
Quarter 1: Ricardo Christie (NZ) 16.17, Mitch Crews (Aus) 11.93
Quarter 2: Adam Melling (Aus) 18.87, Marco Fernandez (Bra) 12.16
Quarter 3: Owen Wright (Aus) 17.93, Thomas Woods (Aus) 15.50
Quarter 4: Alejo Muniz (Bra) 14.33, Brent Dorrington (Aus) 11.83



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