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Monday, 16 September 2013


Drift HD Ghost Camera

Any extras? Yes please!

The major difference between Drift's HD Ghost Camera and other action camera companies, such as GroPro, is that, like any good meal deal, it includes all the trimmings that the competitors charge extra for. Such delicious additions include a built-in LCD, Wi-Fi and a wireless remote.

The built-in LCD makes it easier to set up shots, change settings and watch your footage straight up to see if it's what you wanted. Included Wi-Fi means you can connect to the Drift App (available for both iOS and Android) to frame shots, change settings, start and stop recordings and playback video, as well as edit and upload your footage. The wearable wireless remote minimises the effort to start and stop recordings and change shooting modes. Scrumptious!


Also included in this juicy HD Ghost feast are goggle and flat surface mounts, Photoburst and Timelapse modes and extra long battery life (up to three hours) so you can chow down without worrying about filling up before dessert.

More on the Drift HD Ghost Camera, here:


Trace Action Sports Activity Monitor




'It was this big!' you say, arms stretched out, up, or around depending on whether you're talking about a fish, a wave or a big-ass booty. But no matter how much your arms flail or how high your eyebrows rise, no one ever believes you! Thankfully, the innovative crew at ActiveReplay have come up with a better measurer than your arm length so you can back up all those glory stories.

TRACE is a new technology that makes action sports measurable, sharable, and comparable. Eyes rolling in disbelief? Well hold on to your socks because I'm about to tell you how. A wee hockey-puck-shaped data collector is mounted on your board (works for surf, skate and snow) and this gathers information on a whole range of things, like how fast you went, how high you got, how many tricks you landed etc. This information can then be uploaded to a free replay app where you can check out all your stats and – here's the kicker – share it on social media and compare it with other TRACE users so that no one, NO ONE, can tell you it aint' so.

The more professional slant:

Trace consists of two parts: the data collection pod and the mount. Attach the mount to any hard surface like a board or helmet. Slide Trace in. Push a button and go. When you’re done with your session, Trace will connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and send the data to ActiveReplay servers for processing. Within seconds you’ll be able to see all of your data, beautifully laid out and easy to read on your phone. You’ll have options to share your #SESSIONSHEETS on Facebook and Twitter, and compare your performance on the leaderboard.

More on the Trace Action Sports Activity Monitor on their Kickstarter page, here:


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