Swell Of The Year On The Way

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

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If you live on the East Coast of Australia and there’s ANY WAY you can get this Friday off, we strongly recommend you do it.

A deep wind band has formed north of New Zealand’s North Island and is currently blowing between 30 and 40 knots of ENE wind over a large slice of the south west Pacific, straight at the coast.

The trough helping cause the wind is expected to coalesce into a healthy low pressure system and shift back toward Australia today and tomorrow, pulling the gales along with the developing seas in a classic turbocharging swell pattern.

At the same time, north-west winds associated with a cold front currently over South Oz should shift across the continent and turn local winds offshore from the Gold Coast to the NSW/Victorian border.

It’s remarkably similar to the amazing scenario that unfolded in early July 2001, when the east coast saw its best surf in living memory.

This swell is likely to arrive in a couple of major pulses, starting later on Thursday and surging into Friday afternoon and through Saturday, with plenty left on Sunday and remnants still in the picture early next week.

So get your big board, figure out some sort of effective excuse, and chase the kind of surf we hardly ever see! Or if it’s out of your league, be aware of it, watch, and be stoked.

(map info: These three weather maps - the first one real-time, the other two short term forecast - clearly show the wind band above NZ and its development into a fully fledged low of rather large proportions. Oh dear! Run!)




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