Team Gold Coast Take Out Coast Of Origin

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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The Iconic Burleigh Heads played host to the final day of competition at the World Surfaris Coast of Origin State Challenge today.

Boardriding clubs from all over South East Queensland packed the headland to cheer on their clubs and “coast” as they battled for bragging rights, prizes and cash in the final day of competition for the three-event series.

Gold Coast boardriding clubs ran with the momentum from yesterday, and in a seesawing battle between the Sunshine Coast, emerged victorious for the first time in three years.

The Gold Coast final count back was 248 points over the Sunshine Coast’s 228, with the final few heats of the day sealing the deal for the southerners.

Snapper Rocks Surfriders successfully defended their shortboard Club Championship today making the 2013 World Surfaris Coast of Origin series a clean sweep for the Gold Coast after yesterdays win for the Burleigh Longboard Club and Stand Up Paddle Surfers Australia (SUPSA).

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Snapper Rocks’ Jay Phillips said the win meant the world to the club; “Queensland is so unique and everyone is really passionate about club surfing so events like this are amazing and to take the win today is great for the club and all our juniors who are looking further into their future in the sport.”

Weather from all four seasons was not a big enough deterrent to keep spectators away as variable 1.5-2m waves rolled down the right-hand point break offering critical sections and plenty of opportunity for some high scores.

North Shore Boardrider Jack Regginato had spectators and competitors on their feet when in the final two seconds of the final heat of the day, he caught the wave of the day and weaved through the infamous Burleigh Heads barrel to screams and cheers from the headland.

Snapper Rocks Surfriders managed to bank $3,100 throughout the series out of the total $10,000 prize pool.

A full list of results from the World Surfaris Coast of Origin Interclub Series will be posted tomorrow at

2013 World Surfaris Coast of Origin Interclub Series - Key Facts:

• $10,000 total prize purse
• Minimal Club commitment, 11 surfers per Club team plus an "All Stars" Club Tag-Team
• 2 days of surfing action for Shortboards, 1 day event for Longboard and SUP Clubs
• Professional Surfing QLD run event with computer scoring and ASP judges
• Dynamic multi-division format allowing participation from U/14's to Over 60's
• Exciting Pairs ‘Money' heats for winning surfers' club -

The World Surfaris ‘Coast of Origin Series 2013 is proudly supported by World Surfaris, Be the influence , Chiko, the Queensland Government, Coastalwatch Plus, Surfing Life Magazine and Surfing Queensland.





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