Volcom Fiji Pro 2012 - Expression Session #1

Saturday, 09 June 2012

Cloudbreak was massive. So big they called off the contest ... but that just opened it up for the freesurfers.


  • This short film shows why Russell Bierke is the future of big wave surfing

    "It was kind of intimidating watching this 15-year-old kid putting your 25 years of experience...

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  • Billy Kemper wins the WSL Pe'ahi Challenge!

    Hawaiian takes back to back wins during a historic day in Maui

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  • Green Light called for WSL Pe'ahi Challenge!

    30 foot swell on its way to Maui.

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  • Royal tour of Encinitas with style master Ryan Burch

    Burritos, pizzas, kooks and poodles!

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  • Pumping Fijian Pits

    With tube-hound, Benji Brand  

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