Snapper Or Kirra, Take Your Pick

Friday, 21 August 2009

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that you can’t have ‘em both.

By Will H-S

Long lines Snapper, both people and waves. Pic Shield

Just over a year ago in issue 237 of ASL, Nick Carroll wrote an essay entitled Goodbye Superbank. Is it curtains for Australia’s favourite wave? Nick described how in May last year, the amount of sand pumped south of Snapper would be cut in half, which would more than likely signal the beginning of the end of the Superbank.

Seemingly endless sets grinding down Kirra point.

In the winter after the mag came out Snapper turned it on as usual, and it was hard to see what the fuss was about. Then early this year, the long-dormant Kirra played host to some  spectacular waves, while south of Greenmount, big holes had begun appearing in the bank at Rainbow Bay. Although not a patch on its former glory, Kirra emerged as the go-to point in Coolangatta once again during the final of the Quiksilver Pro and throughout the following months. So as one break is dying, another could be coming back to life. But one thing is clear: we can’t have both. Which would you prefer? And why?

Here’s Nick’s article about the demise of Snapper, in case you missed it

And here’s our explanation of the threats to these waves from our Green Issue.






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