Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda

Friday, 14 August 2009

New seppo drink onto a winner with their secret ingredient.

By Andy Morris

Every milk bar in the country presents you with many choices of high-energy beverages, designed to improve ones mental alertness and physical performance. There’s Redbull, V, Mother, Rockstar, Monster … even Spring Valley has one.

With the success of high-energy drinks, you wouldn’t think there’d be a big market for drinks that have the opposite effect … but clearly there are people who think otherwise, which is where Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda fits in. There are already a few anti-energy drinks on the market, but we reckon the folks at Mary Jane might be onto a winner, cos their secret ingredient is … kava.


According to the PR, Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda delivers euphoric relaxation and a stress free life if you drink it every few hours. If you can’t keep up with that you’re guaranteed a calming sensation throughout the whole body for up to two hours. The effects usually kick in after 10–30 minutes.

The company claims Kava will “mirror the effects of alcohol without the unwanted side effects”. Hallelujah! As anyone who’s been to Fiji or other Pacific islands and indulged in this thousand-year old beverage will tell you, this may, or may not, be true. Whatever, Mary Jane also contains passion flower extract. The properties of which we know nothing about.

Don’t expect your local 7-eleven to be stocking it any time soon as it’s not in Oz, but if you really want it you can buy online. Starting price $11 US for four bottles. $1 of every sale goes to the Modest Needs Foundation.





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