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Surfing Life's Exclusive WCT Guide


The Official Aussie Leg 2014 ASP World Championship Tour Guide.



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Michel Le Magnifique

We talk to our new Margaret River Pro champion about winning, the unimportance of money and ghosts.

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A Short Documentary of a Young Israeli Surfer

What it's really like to live in Tel Aviv.

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As it Happens: 2014 Rip Curl Pro

Surfing Life's live event coverage of the 2014 Rip Curl Pro.

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Rangiroa Without The Jersey

Young, free, and in Rangiroa.

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  • Rip Curl Pro Day Three: For Whom the Bell Doesn’t Toll

    Sunday, 20 April 2014
    The women’s first elimination round wraps up, and we take a drive.  
  • The Lack-of-Luck O’ The Irishman

    Saturday, 19 April 2014
    Would you surf Bells if there was still something not quite right with your broken back?  
  • The Rip Curl Pro Day Three: A Resurrection-free Round Two

    Sunday, 20 April 2014
    Sometimes it’s nice to believe in non-denominational divine intervention.


Thursday, 19 July 2012
Ace Buchan, Adam Bennetts, Creed McTaggart and more in Bali.Video: Jacob Wooden

Matt Banting Is Gang Starr

Thursday, 19 July 2012
Banting's latest clip set to an early 90's East Coast hip hop soundtrack.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Yeah, it’s an ad, but it’s also 2min30 of Kelly ripping, so enjoy it anyway.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012
A video release from the 2012 Airwalk photoshoot with Anastasia Ashley, Airwalks surf sweetheart. Easy on the eye and not half bad out in the water to! Check it out.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Legend Occy surfs the Gold Coast in the winter of 2012. A soulful watch if you're in a chilled out mood.

Burleigh Heads Wallpaper

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Beautiful backlit Burleigh for you computer screen.
Mick Fanning was impressed with what he saw from the future stars of surfing at Lennox Head.

Big Waves Are On The Way

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
Surfing Life's Oakley Big Wave Awards 2012 website is up and running ... just in time for the biggest South West swell of the year.

BALI 2012 - Jessé Mendes

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Jesse says "One of the most amazing surf trips of my life! BALI BAGUS!!!"

Heli Surfing And Snowboarding

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Surfing and snowboardin in one day? Easy if you've got a helicopter.Diaries Downunder pick up NZ professional surfer Maz Quinn and take him straight up to Snow Park NZ to see how his skills transfer on the snow! The next morning heli tours picks up the crew and fly's straight to the West Coast to go surfing, with Maz in his element the snowboarders...
Getting barrelled and bustin' out double corks in the same day is easier when you have a chopper at your disposal.

On Holiday With Owen Wright

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Surfing takes a back seat for the tallest man on the Tour.
Congratulations Stephanie Gilmore, 5 x ASP World Surfing Champion. Learn more here and join the #5Steph movement!

Stephs Bells Ten Hoyshow

Monday, 16 July 2012
Steph Gilmore is the Champ! Cool person, beautiful style on a surfboard and 4 World titles so far...this wave she picked out at Bells was a screamer and she shredded it to the beach. Steph's coach Matt Hoy was very proud!!Filmed & produced by Mic Simpson


Monday, 16 July 2012
Sometimes having No Agenda is a good thing. Global Quiksilver riders, local groms, 1 foot slop, 40 foot chaos, old clips, new clips and everything in between this video has something for everyone... please don't take it too seriously...

Joske's Bay

Monday, 16 July 2012
Heath Joske may have got knocked out in the Round of 16 at the Billabong Pro J-Bay, but after tearing through four heats to get there, dropping eights and nines at will, the Aussie shredder's performance in South Africa will long be remembered.Here's a few highlights, including Captain Frothski's wild soul arch tribute to the Sultan Of Speed, Terry...

Matt Banting

Monday, 16 July 2012
Matt Banting surfing in the Telos IslandsGo here for the full story: Music by: Quantic.Filmed and Produced by: JC Underground Productions.


  • One of the Biggest Great Whites Ever Tagged off the Coast of WA

    At 5.04 metres, Jaws lives!
  • Alana and Sally Sign Personal Endorsement Deals

    Helloooo Samsung and Ripcurl.
  • Kelly Slater On The Project

    Kelly Slater talks competing, quiting and motivation on Australia's talk show "The Project". Skip to the 35-minute mark.
  • Shark Attack in NSW

    A woman died in Tathra this morning when she was attacked by a shark during her daily swim.
  • Diver Remains Found in WA With Shark Bites

    Alarms were raised Saturday afternoon when a man went missing off the coast of Mandurah. His remains were found last night with visible shark bites.
  • Quiksilver's CEO weighs in on Slater's departure

    Explains the impact of Slater's exit on Quik's marketing plans.
  • Fatal Shark Attack in South Africa

    The ninth attack in seven years at Port St Johns kills a 72-year-old Austrian tourist.
  • Surfer Girl Attacked

    "It was a mackerel. She's been bitten by a fish. She's fine, she's OK."