The 2014 Hot 100

Australian junior surfing is the best in the world, and this is its greatest showcase.

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Surfing Meets Hollywood, Again

And it's never been more cringe-worthy.

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Last Drinks, Episode Five: All About Locale

A behind-the-scenes look of where we stayed while filming for the Hot 100 movie, Playgrounds: Pitstop Hill

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Technique: The Jump Pump

"I love this turn, It’s sooo friggin' … modern." – Nick Carroll.

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The Days of Thunder

This is the age of Australian surfing's reckless, creative brilliance, when nobody could even get near us.

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One Hot Minute

The best bits from the best DVD from the best guys on the best swell. It's the best.

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Stephanie Gilmore Is Your 2014 Women's World Champion!

Champagne! Congratulations! Competition! Cacaphony! 

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  • Who Is Jesse Mendes?

    Friday, 28 November 2014
    From soccer to religion to World Titles.
  • Virgin Eyes In The Mentawais

    Thursday, 27 November 2014
    Do you remember your first boat trip?
  • Stephanie Gilmore Is Your 2014 Women's World Champion!

    Friday, 28 November 2014
    Champagne! Congratulations! Competition! Cacophony! 
On why Tahiti is the peoples’ paradise of antiquity and now, and why it needs you to love it. Oh, and a heat or two.

The Rip Curl Cup: Event Wrap

Friday, 16 August 2013
All the highlights of Bali's best barrel competitions, the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang.
Jordy and CJ take the final steps in readying themselves for the big blue barrels of Tahiti.
From the pages of Surfing Life #300, Steph Gilmore enjoying perfect Central American pointbreaks.
Mega Semadhi wins the prestigious 10th aniversary Rip Curl Cup at pumping Padang Padang.
The World Champ gives us an insight into time after his win.

AB’s Salute

Saturday, 10 August 2013
People from around the world came together at Padang Padang today to pay tribute to master shaper and surfer Allan Byrne. 

Allan Byrne 1950 - 2013

Friday, 09 August 2013
Remembering Allan Byrne…

Uncommon Thread

Friday, 09 August 2013
Featuring Asher Pacey in the first part of Otis' new series. 

Cody Robinson At Home

Friday, 09 August 2013
Never mind the cold, Cody Robinson is all about the heat. 
The surfers give their two cents on how not to surf Teahupo'o.

21Days: Jordy and CJ, Episode Two

Thursday, 08 August 2013
With Tahiti just around that corner known as the Pacific, their approaches couldn't be less alike.

The Making Of A Cover

Thursday, 08 August 2013
One World Champ, one surfboard with LED lights, one Jetski. Our 300th Issue... check out what went down behind the scenes of our cover.
Surfer and surfboard design legend Allan Byrne, 64, has died in a Balinese hospital after a motorcycle accident.

The Rip Curl Cup: Expression Session

Wednesday, 07 August 2013
Five hours of almost perfect Padang Padang. No contest but just as entertaining. 

Our Kind With Josh Kerr

Wednesday, 07 August 2013
Step inside the life of Josh Kerr during a lay day at the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach.

Protection Money

Wednesday, 07 August 2013
Japanese surfers paying tough guys to kick you out of the water? That’s one side of Bali they don’t tell you about.

Here Today, Gone To Cabo

Tuesday, 06 August 2013
Take a trip to the tip of Baja with Chris Ward.


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  • NSW surfer attacked by shark

    20-year-old Ryan Hunt bitten on the foot by a shark at Wallabi Point
  • Dr Dave Jenkins reflects on 15 years of SurfAid

    The first doctor to ever visit Lance's Right.
  • Mark Zuckerberg Buys $100 Million Dollars Of Hawaii

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