Rangiroa Without The Jersey

Young, free, and in Rangiroa.

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Kelly leaves Quiksilver

After 23 years and 11 World Titles, Kelly and Quiksilver have parted ways.

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Drug Aware Pro 2014

Stanza one of the WCT is a wrap. Let’s have a quick look at what to expect from the coming two weeks in the West.



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Surfing Life's Exclusive WCT Guide


The Official Aussie Leg 2014 ASP World Championship Tour Guide.



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Building A Surfboard, Episode Two: Plane Shaping

In part two of our Building A Surfboard series Richard Harvey shows us the second step of shaping your own board.

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2009 Has Been All Wright

Wednesday, 21 October 2009
This year will be remembered by most as the one in which Mick and Joel squared off toe-to-toe for the World Title. But in the minor leagues there’s another Aussie who’s making ’09 his own.
… or doesn’t. Monday morning, first day of the waiting period for the Rip Curl Pro Search Somewhere in Peniche, and first call is at 7.30.  
It is a beautiful day in Peniche, Portugal. Small clean waves lap the shore, a very large swell is on the way, and contrary to everything you’ve heard, the town does not stink to high heaven.  

What's Not On Your Radar

Monday, 19 October 2009
Incredible surf in China. Yep.  

Who Wants To Be World Champ?

Thursday, 15 October 2009
There’re only two events left on this year’s World Tour and ten guys with a mathematical chance of becoming World Champion.

Growing in Stature

Thursday, 15 October 2009
An underground Aussie bests the world. Sam Wrench wins the Oakley Pro Junior Global Challenge.

Pink Fluro Rubber Player

Wednesday, 14 October 2009
For the third installment of the four part, limited edition Fluro Rubber Player series, Nixon is set to launch a pink colorway on October 30 with a portion of the proceeds beneting Boarding For Breast Cancer  
I’d like to say I had high hopes for the last day of the Billabong Pro but that would be a lie. I knew the swell was dying in the arse...
I’d like to say I had high hopes for the last day of the Billabong Pro but that would be a lie. I knew the swell was dying in the arse...

Shark Eats Blubber

Wednesday, 14 October 2009
Yesterday a great white shark was spotted 100 meters off the coast of Perth's Floreat beach.

The Guaruja Kid

Wednesday, 14 October 2009
He’s just won his first big WT event, and he’s part of the surfing world’s biggest minority group. Find out why Adriano De Souza might occasionally be tempted to claim.
The first call this morning at the Billabong Pro Mundaka was at 7.30am. One thing wrong with that - it was still totally and utterly flipping dark and with first light not for another 23 minutes...

Women's WQS Wrap Up

Tuesday, 13 October 2009
The women’s WQS has finished for the year with Jessi Miley-Dyer taking out the final event, the Rio Surf International, beating fellow Aussie Laura Enever in the final.

World Tour Changes In Mundaka

Monday, 12 October 2009
Mundaka is a great place for lay days as long as you don’t mind a very quiet life.
Ex-Queenscliff legend, former ASP top-10 pro and current O’Neill Australia top gun Rob Bain has been badly injured while surfing his local break at North Avalon in Sydney.  

Tube Tube

Monday, 12 October 2009
Freddy P talks to the ASP surfers reps Mick Fanning and Kieren Perrow about the changes to the World Tour and more...

Bede's Blog From Mundaka

Friday, 09 October 2009
Hey everybody, Bede checking in from Mundaka.  

WQS In ASL’s Backyard

Friday, 09 October 2009
Surfing Queensland announced today that next year Burleigh Heads will host a four star WQS event from February 16th-21st.


  • Kelly Slater On The Project

    Kelly Slater talks competing, quiting and motivation on Australia's talk show "The Project". Skip to the 35-minute mark.
  • Shark Attack in NSW

    A woman died in Tathra this morning when she was attacked by a shark during her daily swim.
  • Diver Remains Found in WA With Shark Bites

    Alarms were raised Saturday afternoon when a man went missing off the coast of Mandurah. His remains were found last night with visible shark bites.
  • Quiksilver's CEO weighs in on Slater's departure

    Explains the impact of Slater's exit on Quik's marketing plans.
  • Fatal Shark Attack in South Africa

    The ninth attack in seven years at Port St Johns kills a 72-year-old Austrian tourist.
  • Surfer Girl Attacked

    "It was a mackerel. She's been bitten by a fish. She's fine, she's OK."
  • Bodyboarder Vs. Dolphin

    A bodyboarder has suffered abdominal injuries after colliding with a dolphin in the surf on the NSW south coast.
  • Hipsters Vs. Norms

    A new breed of surfers are throwing away their leg ropes in hopes of being trendy.