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Thursday, 06 September 2012
“Airplanes are his nightclubs, layovers are his after-parties and cars are his bars.”From grom phenom and video sensation, to the leading free surfer of his generation, to a stint as a World Tour competitor… tall tales of radical, rowdy and ridiculous exploits have followed Chris Ward.
How have things changed for women in surfing? A surfer-girl from the Puberty Blues generation investigates.
Jamie is in southern California for the Body Glove Invasion California Tour. After giving surf lessons for the Mauli Ola Foundation, JOB makes his way down to Huntington Beach for some partying and bartending with Ian Walsh at the US Open of Surfing.
Jamie O'Brien meets up with pro Kai Lenny for a full waterman day in Hawaii with paddle boarding, and J.O.B.'s first windsurfing session.
Professional surfer Jamie O'Brien arrives back home in Hawaii from an epic trip in Indo. Watch as he surfs switch like a madman and then picks up a board to be custom painted by renowned marine life artist Robert Wyland.
Jamie O'Brien is still in Indonesia staying at the King Fisher Resort on the Mentawai Islands. After scoring some perfect waves at the beginning of the trip, Jamie and the crew get some diving and spearfishing in while they wait for the next swell to arrive.
Time for an epic surf trip to Indonesia. Pro surfer Jamie O'Brien and the crew head out through a maze of airports and fees before being dropped off at some of the best waves in the world.Surfing in Indo is unlike anything but Jamie decides to go finless?
This is a throwback episode from Jamie O' Brien's life growing up in Hawaii at pipeline. From broken legs to huge wins, get an inside look on what its like to surf on his level.
Pro surfer Jamie O'Brien enters the Innersection video contest -- A team based surf section that is voted on by the online surf community. With major $$$$ on the line Jamie's stressing as he awaits the decision on if his Nian based surf section won or not.
After returning home from California pro surfer Jamie O'Brien meets up with Jacob -- a Make a Wish participant and awesome kid whose dream is to meet and hang out in Hawaii with Bruce Irons and Jamie, and catch some great waves. From there it's shark site seeing, wave machines, and a great session at Pipeline.The Mauli Ola Foundation exists to introduce...

Who is JOB 2.0 - Coachella - Episode 9

Wednesday, 05 September 2012
Professional Surfer Jamie O'Brien comes to California for a weekend away from his beloved pipeline in Hawaii to ride Shamu at COACHELLA music festival and spend the weekend with his brahs.
Pro surfer and wild man Jamie O'Brien buys a soft top surfboard and tries his luck at Pipeline before entering last minute into a standup paddle board competition that proves harder than expected.
Enter a two-week camping trip on the big island of Hawaii, a chance to take a break and live off the ocean. This includes catching dinner day and night with harpoons and venturing into the tropical forest for some secluded falls.
Jamie O'Brien once again kicks up a storm at Pipeline but this time he is a little more experimental. Think board transfers, buggy boards, foam boards, and whatever else Jamie O' has lying around. We also take a look into the life of Albert and how he went from truck driving to living at Pipeline.
Jamie O'Brien tries a new technique by paddling out on his longboard and then dropping in his short board to ride the wave.Later, despite the warnings of his feline friend he goes all the way to the finals of the Volcom Pipe Pro for an epic showdown down to the last second with John John.
Things get kicked up a notch as a huge swell rolls into Hawaii. Jamie 'O Brien pulls out his dusty big wave board and sets his eyes on the North Shore for a ridiculous set of waves while the others head to the infamous JAWS. No chickens were harmed in the making of this film.
Jamie O'Brien gives an inside look at Pipeline's freeform surfing competition - the Backdoor Shootout. With no nonsense or jerseys, the emphasis is putting together one epic ride while enjoying one of surfing's best destinations. Of course this doesn't stop Jamie and crew from some friendly rivalry on the glassy waves.

Who is JOB 2.0 - Pipeline Masters - Ep 2

Wednesday, 05 September 2012
Jamie O'Brien takes to the waves at the legendary Billabong Pipeline Masters in Hawaii for the last stop of the ASP world tour while his buddy Poopsi stretches out for a very different type of mission that involves a speedo and some cojones to match.
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