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No Legs? No Problem. Meet Jade Wheatley.

If you’re looking for inspiration, it doesn’t get bigger than this.

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The Future Of Surfing, With Ozzie Wright

A conversation with the original freesurfing artist.

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FM: Lucia Martino

What's pulsing through the speakers in Spain?

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Who Is Niccolo Porcella?

The man who braved the heaviest wipeout at Teahupo’o, this past weekend.

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The 2015 Travel Bible

Your guide to a lifetime of surf travel

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011
Jay Davies finding a few barrels in mid November.

Demo Reel

Tuesday, 06 December 2011
Some of Taylor Loughran's favorite footage from 2009-2011.Shot on Pannasonic HVX200, Canon 7D and

Bede's Blog: Hawaii Here We Go!

Tuesday, 06 December 2011
Bede Durbidge has grown accustomed to being one of the best ... so when he hit a form slump this season he had to step back, take stock and reassess. What he came up with is a few deep, insightful thoughts on his own form, the "new guard" on the World Tour and what it takes to keep succeeding.

Lost Atlas Unseen Session

Monday, 05 December 2011
The extras from Lost Atlas starring starring Owen Wright, Conner Coffin, Evan Gieselman and Dillon Perillo.

Jerome Forrest

Monday, 05 December 2011
One of WA's up and coming juniors. Check his footage from late 2011.

Mr Noa Deane

Monday, 05 December 2011
Mr Noa Deane. 4 Days. 17 Coffees.145 kmsIn Order of ApperanceDuranbah.Tallows.Sth Straddie.

ASL-oha! North Shore Gallery

Monday, 05 December 2011
ASL arrives on the North Shore just in time to capture the best action of the season.

iPhone Trivia App

Monday, 05 December 2011
Have you been sitting at the pub with your mates and the conversation gets a bit stale? Well, how about livening up the banter with some surfing trivia questions on your iPhone!

Innersection Premiere

Friday, 02 December 2011
ASL and JR Surfboards joined forces to premiere the latest Innersection movie in style last night.

Volcom Turds Gold Coast Part II

Thursday, 01 December 2011
The second and final installment of the Volcom’s Turds tour of the Gold Coast saw the groms score waves at Coffs, Tallows and finishing up at Currumbin Falls. It was here that Oscar Scanes almost pancaked himself into a rock wall. See the video for more.

Tyler Payne 11.8.11

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Quick clip from the day after the rip curl pro search 2011 finished up somewhere in San Francisco.
Chapter II, Verses II & III: Enter Jordy Lawler & Oney Anwar to centre stage.Last month, we were captivated by surfing star, Owen Wright. Chapter II takes you on a very different journey... following the life of a young lad aspiring to the heights of Owen (both figuratively and literally), and a surfing prodigy hailing from the far-reaching...

Onshore and Not Sure

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Jules and friends lap up the onshore slops recently on offer on the glorious Sunshine Coast. With a bonus equipment review from the Mad Hatter in the intro.

Icons of Aloha Episode: Rob Machado

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Reef Ambassador Rob Machado talks story of past, present, and future experiences along the North Shore of Oahu. Known as a Pipe Master and all around wave warrior, Rob shares some incredible insight about 7 Mile Miracle.

Icons of Aloha: Shane Dorian

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Waterman Shane Dorian gives us the insight of daily life as a family man and one of the worlds leading big wave chargers.

Hawaiian Diaries Episode 1

Thursday, 01 December 2011
Rusty's Hawaiian Diaries, starring Jay Davies.
Check out the best action and all the party highlights from the 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search, " Somewhere in San Francisco"!
Worst Wipeouts - Day 2 The swell might have dropped a little bit today but Sunset still packs the most punch, pound for pound. Take a look at the beatings.More at:


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