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Watch all the best bits from the 2012 installment of the ultimate tuberiding contest.
As the big show comes back to our attention for the first time in almost two months Nick Carroll give us his Teahupoo form guide.
Take a look at the Coolum Kid's latest green and gold clip.
Check out Dede Suryana and Chris Ward's 10 point barrels. Epic!
Best mates for 25 years, Ross and Tom have shared some incredible experiences since the heady days of the 1980s. Despite no longer competing on the pro-tour circuit, Ross and Tom are the first to jump at any opportunity to challenge themselves -- and each other -- to win the best and biggest waves. But it's not only on the water that the boys go head-to-head....
Webisode 3: Paul Morgan is a big wave surfer from the New South Wales south coast. A carpenter by day, 'Morgs' downs his tools and grabs his board as soon as the swell looks promising. He's been on a number of missions with the Storm Surfers team and this year he got the chance to take Ross and Tom to his 'secret' break just around the headland for...
Episode 2: Exploring Tom's other life-long passion, photography. Used to being in front of the camera, this webisode sees Tom in a more introspective mood, talking through his photos and the memories they evoke.Like what you see? Share Storm Surfers with your mates!Storm Surfers youtube.com/user/stormsurfers Twitter twitter.com/stormsurfers Facebook...
Webisode 1: Co-directors Justin McMillan and Chris Nelius have one of the most difficult jobs in filmmaking -- trying to get a huge crew and all the gear to a remote location 50 miles out to sea, then capture a moment that cannot be repeated, in the middle of a heaving swell. Luckily, for them this is a dream come true.Like and share Storm Surfers with...
Welcome home ... and welcome to The Other Side...


Friday, 10 August 2012
The Young Wise Tails latest video featuring Conner Coffin's Pro Junior win.
Webisode 9: Mark Mathews is rapidly becoming one of the world's better-known big wave surfers, with the recent release of the feature documentary Fighting Fear. He's been friends with Ross and Tom for years and was stoked at the opportunity to take them surfing at his home break, Cape Solander, or 'Ours' as it is better known. Like what you see? Share...

Kustom Airstrike - Episode 2/4

Friday, 10 August 2012
The second installment from the Kustom Airstrike contest.
A cat "outfoxes" a Fox Terrier by riding a surfboard to the other side of the pool. No, seriously, that's what happens. Watch!
Chris Ward found a perfect 10 in the dying moments of the final to take the win... And then to make the day more perfect, Wardo proposed to his girlfriend on the beach.

Albee Layer On Surfing Jaws

Friday, 10 August 2012
The 2012 Innersection winner has a love/hate relationship with the imposing wave on his doorstep.

Conner Coffin's US Open

Friday, 10 August 2012
The Young Wise Tails drop their latest video.

Albee Layer X Jaws

Thursday, 09 August 2012
Innersection winner Albee Layer live on Jaws' doorstep, and tries to conquer the imposing wave whenever he can. But it doesn't mean he's still not scared.

A Day In The Life With Yadin Nicol

Thursday, 09 August 2012
G-Shock team rider Yadin Nicol shares a normal day in the life while on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the Hurley team.
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