Guess Who Scored The Fiji Pro Wildcards?

Dane Reynolds, Mahina Maeda and Aka Lalabalavu (who won the trials with a perfect 10).

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Footage Of Michel's Bone Breaking Wipeout

At Teahupo'o during this past swell.

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Brisbane Surf Lake Startup Promises 3600 Waves Per Hour

They only need you to give them $500,000!

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Objectify Me, Janni Honscheid

From charging at Chopes to posing for Playboy. Meet German surfer and model, Janni Honscheid.

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The 2015 Travel Bible

Your guide to a lifetime of surf travel

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Surfing Life's Official WSL Event Guide App

Available for free download today.

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Tear Offs: Billabong Bloodlines

A journey through the shallows of Teahupo'o and the depths of youth surfing.

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Mitch Coleborn x Moe No Northerly

Thursday, 10 November 2011
Test shoot with Mitch at home in some Movember northerlys.Please follow my happenings at:

Bye Bye Brodie

Thursday, 10 November 2011
After 6 years at the helm, ASP's CEO has resigned ... and all because someone couldn't add up properly.

Tylah Hutchinson

Wednesday, 09 November 2011
Some fun surfing. Film by Young Blood.


Wednesday, 09 November 2011
Taj Burrow's highlights reel from Portugal.Don't worry about turning up the volume - there ain't no sound

Chris Ward Inside A Log Cabin

Wednesday, 09 November 2011
Chris Ward finding some shade from the sun at Log Cabins, Hawaii. Photo: Andrew Shield

Weekly Washup 9 November 2011

Wednesday, 09 November 2011
More surfing supermodels, surfing dogs, dangerous sea creatures and freaks of nature. We're back with all the latest and greatest - and the weirdest - in the world of surf.

Pray For The Jonnys

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
Ozzie Wright's latest stylish offering. Take a look.

Tubes And Stuff

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
Mick Fanning says: "Here's a coupla leftover clips from an Indo trip I took earlier this year. Love the place!"

Rip Curl Search Final Day Highlights

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
Gabriel Medina won his second World Tour event from fours starts after entering the top 34 at the mid-year rotation. The future is looking bright.

Something Like A Phenomenon

Tuesday, 08 November 2011
He Gabe, He Saw, He Conquered. With the 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search globe trophy in his hands Medina wins his second World Tour contest from four starts

Kelly's Second 11th World Title

Monday, 07 November 2011
Yep ... by now, even we're confused.

Sally Fitzgibbons 2011 Surfs Mexico

Monday, 07 November 2011
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfs


Monday, 07 November 2011
Mitch Crews scores on the east coast of America.

Kobi Clements Having Fun Surfing

Monday, 07 November 2011
This micro grom is ripping! Check out the pint-sized grab-rail carve.

Down South - 5/11/11

Monday, 07 November 2011
Cronulla locals charging on Saturday morning. Big thanks to Ben & Kurt Kiggins for putting the boat in so i could film.* Special big ups goes to Shane Campbell for copping 9 stitches to the chin on a bomb ! ( sorry for missing the wave shane )*

Re-re-write The Record Books

Monday, 07 November 2011
Kelly Slater won his 11th World Title today ... for real this time.

In The Streets Of San Francisco

Monday, 07 November 2011
If you're going to San FranciscoBe sure to wear some flowers in your hairIf you're going to San FranciscoYou're gonna meet some gentle people there... What do surfers get up to in The City when they're not surfing?


Sunday, 06 November 2011
Uh oh, there's trouble brewing in ASP Land...


  • Help Chris Abad Go Surfing Again

    A local pro from Oceanside, California, needs your help after a serious surfing injury.
  • Surfer Injured In Northern NSW Shark Attack

    Currently in hospital in stable condition.
  • Makua Rothman's Acceptance Speech

    For the Big Wave Championship Trophy.
  • Shark Attack In South Australia

    Surfer remains in critical condition.
  • Stephanie Gilmore Out Of Margies Pro

    Ankle injuries, aye?
  • Kai Hing Wins Taranaki Pro Junior

    The Hot 100 sure knows how to pick 'em!
  • How You Can Help Vanuatu

    In the wake of Cyclone Pam.
  • Komune Bali Pro Is Back On The QS Calendar

    Only time will tell... who is the Maddest Huey of them all?