The 2014 Hot 100

Australian junior surfing is the best in the world, and this is its greatest showcase.

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Sex, Drugs and Dick Tricks

So, whatever became of Australia’s party-boy culture of the 1980s and 1990s?

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Meet The Hottest of the Hot 100

Australia’s number one surfer, under-18, is none other than…

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The Tale of Dusty Payne’s Magical Beard

How unruly face fluff led to his possible requalification.

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Qualifying: Part Two

At the US Open of Surfing.

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Surfing Meets Hollywood, Again

And it's never been more cringe-worthy.

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Last Drinks, Episode Five: All About Locale

A behind-the-scenes look of where we stayed while filming for the Hot 100 movie, Playgrounds: Pitstop Hill

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Technique: The Jump Pump

"I love this turn, It’s sooo friggin' … modern." – Nick Carroll.

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After six days of pumping waves and exciting heats Margaret River fell flat on her arse...

Parkes On The Podium

Wednesday, 06 April 2011
“I’m over the moon, it’s the biggest weight off my back” said a pumped Garrett Parkes, after his maiden Pro Junior win. “I was getting worried as there’s only a few events left and I wanted to win one before my junior career is over”.
Remember how Melbourne went mad when Tiger Woods came to town? We'll that's what's happening in the West right now, only swap a philandering golfer in a green jacket for our very own Kelly Slater...
The much anticipated and hugely hyped swell arrived at the Drug Aware Pro Margaret River overnight. How big? Now that's a tough one to answer...

1.08 Reasons Why Taj Rips

Tuesday, 05 April 2011
Taj Burrow shows us why he's the one to watch, in any conditions. If you could surf like this, the waves out the front of your local would look damn inviting right now.

Fish Outta Water

Tuesday, 05 April 2011
Rusty riders Josh Kerr, Joey Brezinksi and Romain De Marchi swap boards for a day. Real cool feature on the surf/skate/snow crossovers factor.

7 Ghosts River Ripping

Tuesday, 05 April 2011
A crew of hardy Rip Curl bretheren search deep into the Indo jungle to find one of the craziest river waves known to man. There's more to come and we'll keep you posted on it.

Drug Aware Pro Day Two

Tuesday, 05 April 2011
Fun was the best way to describe the surf at the Telstra Drug Aware Pro, at Margaret River this morning...

Surf And The City

Monday, 04 April 2011
“The thing I like most about Kelly is how horny the guy is for surfing. He is mad about it, and so am I, so it was good to get some slabs together”- Taj Burrow.

Drug Aware Pro Day One

Monday, 04 April 2011
For the Aussie 'QS campaigners the Telstra Drug Aware Pro is the home turf event that offers the most qualification points, and for the World Tour elite this is a warm-up for Bells...

Mini Chopper Action

Friday, 01 April 2011
Mini Chopper gets the goods at Broken. Watch for the Shuv-It. First one to spot it, time it and comment on it gets a warm hug from ASL. Do it.
All the maddest waves from the maddest maddogs in the last year of maddoggery.

Innersection Twenty Eleven

Wednesday, 30 March 2011
After a crazy first year of submissions with amazing footage coming from all corners of the globe, Taylor Steele's 'choose your own adventure' brainchild, Innersection, is now open for uploads for the 2011 season.

Jake Sylvester - Junior Mafia

Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Finally putting an end to the international assault on the junior series in Australia, Jake Sylvester took out the Chiko Pro Junior two weeks ago in Newcastle.
With a 2011 rap sheet like that, its no wonder Narrabeen’s Laura Enever is currently resting up in bed with the flu. ASL caught up with her to talk racetrack tactics and her 2011 title hopes.

CWC NZ - Final Day

Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Scotland, Santa Cruz, New Zealand; the O’Neill Cold Water Classic series ain’t no joke.

Comin' Up - Dion Atkinson

Tuesday, 29 March 2011
Dion Atkinson has been as close as you can get to making the CT for the past few years.
It’s a scientific fact that coffee tastes better on rainy days. Its also been proven that with every cup consumed conversation transforms from chat to dribble.


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